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Kernow's pre-purchase checks

Equine Vettings

Before you buy, think carefully about what type of horse you are looking for. When you buy a horse it becomes yours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, depending on you for its health, happiness and safety.

Kernow Farm and Equine Vets is a modern and experienced vet practice, providing 2 stage pre-purchase and 5 stage pre-purchase exams across Cornwall and Devon.

Our team of very experienced equine vets take great pride in offering a bespoke 2-stage and 5-stage (also known as 2* and 5*) pre-purchase exam service for all types of horses and ponies across Cornwall and Devon. An equine vet will discuss your requirements prior to performing the vetting and then provide you with a full post-vetting / pre-purchase exam report.

For a free initial discussion about your prepurchase exam options, please contact us on: 01208 76403 or info@kernowfarmandequine.com

Having a pre-purchase horse exam is a cost-effective way of potentially saving you money in the long run. 

Details of our two and five stage vetting exam service across Cornwall and Devon are given below.

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2 Stage Horse Vetting Exam

Vetting stage 1: Preliminary Exam 
This is a methodical exam of the horse's body to assess general appearance and condition. It includes 
examination of the horse’s teeth, the resting heart rate, the eyes, the skin, the limbs and feet, and it also covers an examination of the passport and microchip.

Vetting stage 2: Trotting Up
Examination of the horse as it is walked and trotted on hard, level ground in order to detect gross 
abnormalities of gait and action. Flexion tests are performed to reveal pain or limitation of the horse’s 
movement on all four limbs and trotting in a circle on a firm surface may be carried out.

A two stage horse vetting stops here, whilst a five stage vetting continues. If you wish to book a two stage vetting please call us on 01208 76403 for a disclaimer which will need to be completed and returned before your vetting

5 Stage Horse Vetting Exam

Vetting stage 3: Strenuous Exercise
Examination of the horse under sufficient strenuous exercise for various reasons: 

  1. to breathe deeply and rapidly so that any unusual breathing sounds may be heard 
  2. to increase the action of the heart so that abnormalities may be more easily detected 
  3. to tire the animal so that strains or injuries may be revealed by stiffness or lameness. The examination will  include 10m and 20m circles.

Vetting stage 4: A Period of Rest
The horse is allowed to stand quietly for a period. During this time the breathing and the heart are checked as they return to their resting levels.

Vetting stage 5: The 2nd Trot Exam and Foot Exam 
Examination of the horse as it is walked and trotted again, turned sharply and backed, in order to reveal 
abnormalities exacerbated by the strenuous exercise stage. A blood test is taken at this point.

The 5 Stage Veterinary Examination for Purchase is carried out following guidelines laid down by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in conjunction with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA). 

Should your insurance company require an exam certificate in order to renew your horse’s insurance, or if you did not have a vetting done pre-purchase we do offer a vetting for insurance purposes.

We are happy to discuss your pre-purchase exam requirements so please do not hesitate to contact one of our equine vets on 01208 76403 or simply email us on info@kernowfarmandequine.com

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