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Information and advice for beef farmers including vaccines and medical supply

We pride ourselves on offering a service to beef farmers that recognises that the needs of a beef enterprise are very different to those of a dairy farm. With a large number of vets always on the road, our response times in an emergency are second to none. We have implemented a fee structure that allows for reduced costs on afternoon visits, allowing us to even out the work flow and you to obtain more cost effective veterinary care on pre planned work. Our vets are keen to become more involved with your farms, advising on herd health matters. We know that any herd health policies we implement have to be cost effective and a full understanding of your enterprise will allow us to do this. All of our vets are keen to provide a service that is tailored to your farm.

Herd Health Planning 

We can provide health plans compliant with the British Cattle Veterinary association and the Red Tractor standards. We believe that a properly prepared health plan is so much more than a box ticking exercise to satisfy an inspector. Our health plans are designed to be a valuable aid to disease prevention on farm in the dairy, beef and sheep sectors.


Every farm has a different set of endemic diseases, different management systems and different biosecurity threats. It is important that a vaccination program is prepared for that individual farm to prevent disease. All of our vets are keen to prepare a tailored vaccine program for your farm and advise on their safe use and storage. All vaccines are available at extremely competitive prices.

Medicine Supply 

Most medicines are available on request or can be ordered in within 24 hours. All branches can act as pick up points for your order. As part of your annual health plan, we will pre-authorise an appropriate selection and quantity of medicines to deal with ongoing and predictable health issues. This will speed up medicine ordering and will allow us to monitor ongoing antibiotic use.  A change of medicine requirement patterns on a farm can be a valuable tool in early detection of disease. All medicines are extremely competitively priced and as part of our commitment to reducing antibiotic usage on farm, we will advise on their safe and proper use.

Beef Health Club

Beef Health Club

Improve your herd's health, welfare, fertility and productivity

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