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Information and advice for sheep farmers including disease investigation and flock health planning

Collectively our Farm and Equine team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to dealing with small ruminants, both on a flock and individual basis. Several of our vets have their own flocks or are married to local sheep farmers, giving us working knowledge of current local issues. Within our vet team we have been involved in the SWHLI Sheep Focus Farm Meetings since 2011, and have given lectures on sheep and goats for Duchy College.


  • Flock Health Planning,
  • Flock Production analysis,
  • In-house Worm Egg Counts,
  • Microscopic ectoparasite identification,
  • Ram breeding assessments,
  • Disease investigation,
  • Surgery (ram vasectomies, kid dis-budding),
  • 24-hour emergency cover.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries


Flock Health Club

Preventative animal care is becoming much more of a priority to buyers, farmers and consumers alike. We must all reduce our reliance on antibiotics as well as adopt sustainable parasite control plans. So as proactive vets, we would like to utilise our knowledge and experience to help you maximise your profits and at the same time maintain high standards of animal welfare.


The Aims

  • Provide direct access to enthusiastic and knowledgeable sheep vets
  • Become involved in your farm and business to help find ways to increase your profits
  • Allow the cost of veterinary care to be spread across the year
  • Reduce the financial barrier to get the vet on farm
  • Help plan sustainable parasite control strategies
  • Aid you in the reduction of antibiotic reliance
  • Move from reactive to proactive flock care


  • £20 per month (ex VAT) paid via direct debit.
  • Total of £240 to be paid over 12 months.

So what do you get for your money?

  • Independent advice straight from vets via provision of our direct contact details
  • Free annual health visit (up to 1 hour) and comprehensive Flock health plan
  • 4 meetings a year, food provided.
  • Data collection and benchmarking, external speakers and product information.
  • No visit fee for pre-booked work (day only)
  • Free forage analysis and nutritional advice
  • Faecal Egg counts throughout year and parasite control advice from vet
  • Spreading the cost of vet care over the year
  • Chance to meet with other like-minded farmers and proactive vets to compare and share ideas
  • Chance to follow up with vet who knows your farm - we will make it our business to understand yours.
  • Access to technical advice on further control strategies, procedures and techniques (e.g. fertility work)

*Subject to change

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