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Artificial Insemination

Introducing our new Synchronisation Package & AI Service

Benefits from using Artificial Insemination:

  • Worldwide choice of sires
  • Gives you access to information on suitable traits of sires such as ease of calving, potential milking capacity of replacement heifers.
  • Sires can be carefully selected to improve your herd.
  • Enables farmers to choose superior genetics that maybe too costly to purchase as stock bulls.
  • Alleviates the challenges surrounding putting the right bull with the right females – as more than one bull can be used across the herd.
  • Removes costs associated with the keeping of stock bulls.
  • Eliminating the possible disease risks associated with natural service and bull hiring
  • Potential to increase value of progeny from AI sires
  • Reduces the risk of injury to animals
  • Identifies problem breeders faster – which can then be removed from the herd, reducing costs incurred.
  • Ability to choose sexed semen if you were wanting to increase your breeding herd.

Management using synchronisation package with AI:

  • Using a synchronisation programme helps to condense the calving period, bringing all the animals into heat at a set time period so they can be artificially inseminated at a set time.
  • Allows calving patterns, shortened calving season, thus shortening the labour and time needed
  • Synchronisation removes labour time having to observe physical signs of bulling as all animals are served on the same day.
  • Having a more even batch of calves also helps with vaccination timings, and reduces disease pressure from mixing calves of different ages.

Our package can be tailored to suit your individual farm’s needs, but can include:


  • Vet Visit
  • Pre-breeding check
  • Cidr sync
  • Fertility drugs

Artificial Insemination (AI):

  • Visit
  • Storage of semen in professional
  • Artificial Insemination from your chosen sire
  • AI carried out by our experienced AI technician with years of experience

Pregnancy Diagnosis (PD’s):

  • At around 35 days, PD’s will be carried out by one of our vets.
  • If pregnancy not confirmed, you will have time to either re inseminate or use a sweeper bull
  • Non-pregnant cows can be identified earlier (28–35 days after breeding), and the status of the ovaries and uterus can be determined.
  • The viability of the embryo or foetus can be assessed—eg, by visualisation of a foetal heartbeat.
  • Twins can be detected more readily.

Semen Storage Facility:

  • We can store semen straws for your farm in our specialist storage tank for up to one month. Please Note: We do not take responsibility for any loses that may be incurred (i.e. tank fails, damage on delivery etc.)
  • One month storage from arrival – Free Of Charge
  • Storage will be charged at £20.00 +VAT per month thereafter


  • £85 + VAT per animal
  • £15 + VAT per animal for any repeats
  • Based on 5+ animals
  • No visit fee if over 5 animals
  • Prices are subject to change as required

For any questions please get in touch with the team.

Tel: 01208 76403

Cattle Synchronisation Package

Cattle Synchronisation Package

Introducing our new Cattle Synchronisation Package & AI Service

Cattle DIY AI Training Course

Cattle DIY AI Training Course

Find out more about our DIY Artificial Insemination Course

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